Live Earth, now with fewer commercials

Live Earth is this weekend. It has something to do with Al Gore, the environment and washed-up rock stars. NBC has marshaled the “full weight of its TV portfolio to carry Live Earth,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Thank God for that. Wouldn’t want to miss the Police reunion. Didn’t the drummer die a few years back? I guess we’ll find out soon enough. NBC has vowed to cut commercial time by half, citing viewer complaints two years ago during the Live 8 telecast. Maybe they just couldn’t get enough sponsors this time. Also, there will be a “multisecond delay” on live events to guard against foul language. F-ing brilliant idea, as Bono would say, though I guess he won’t be able to do so if he shows up. The Pet Shop Boys aren’t performing, but they’ve taken a jab at Bono for his political activism. I thought they’d died a few years ago too. Maybe that was just their career.

—Posted by David Gianatasio