This Little-Known Robin Williams Ad Will Break Your Heart All Over Again

A fitting reminder of the joy he brought

Earlier this week, we recapped some of the best moments from Robin Williams' contributions to advertising, but a reader pointed out that we omitted one of his last—and most touching—commercials.

In the 2012 spot below for Sky Italia satellite TV, Williams plays a life-size robot that a boy finds waiting for him under the Christmas tree. The two are soon inseparable, playing games throughout the house and sharing a few magical moments. 

As news of Williams' death spread this week, the Internet was flooded with stories from fans who grew up in broken or even abusive homes. Williams' comedies showed them that there really were great fathers out there, and the films offered them a chance to escape to a world created around a man who was as creative and fun as he was loving and genuine.

The family in this ad seems just fine, but it's still a wonderful encapsulation of the personal joy Williams brought to children around the world.

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