A Little Girl With Cancer Wanted to Make Her Own PSA, and It’s Amazing

Hannah shares her story of bravery

Headshot of Alfred Maskeroni

"I want to be on TV a lot, and I want to be on the newspaper so people can see how brave I've been during cancer," says young Hannah, speaking into a hairbrush microphone as she carefully relates her experience with the disease, in her own words. 

According to the video's description on YouTube:

Hannah was diagnosed with bilateral Wilms tumor (kidney cancer) in February 2014. She underwent 6 months of chemotherapy, radiation to her lungs and flank and surgery to remove her left kidney and part of her right kidney. Throughout her ordeal, she has always been very matter a fact about the entire situation. She understands what's going on and knows what's needed to fix it. She approached us one day and said she wanted to do a "commercial" to explain to other kids what they can expect when going through cancer and show them "how brave" she has been. #teamhannah

"Cancer is no fun—but it's a little bit fun because you get to go on this camp," Hannah says. "And if you have cancer, don't worry, 'cause I am brave, and you can be brave also."

Take a look below at this inspiring little PSA.

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