With Linear Air, the whole world’s a runway


Dave: I thought my flight last week was crazy, but that was nothing compared with my ride today on one of Linear Air’s luxury Cessna Grand Caravan prop jets. Wow! Your ads from Rattle promised that if I flew Linear point-to-point, I’d be home in time for my own private wine tasting. And we landed on the street right in front of my house! Well, not my house. In fact, I don’t even recognize the neighborhood.
  Stewardess: Sir, we overshot the runway a bit.
  Dave: But … there’s still a wine-tasting, right?
  Stewardess: Just crawl down the inflatable slide, sir. The pilot’s waiting for his turn.
  Dave: Maybe we landed in front of a lawyer’s house. Ow! Oh, whiplash!
  Stewardess: Your neck’s fine, sir.
  Dave: How can you tell?
  Stewardess: By the way you keep spinning around to ogle me.
  Dave: Oh. So … you will jump out with me, right?
  Stewardess: Sir, put down the salted peanuts and slide out of the plane! And the next time you have to go to White Plains on business, please take the train.

—Posted by David Gianatasio