Lil Dicky Just Found a Perfect Side Project as Trojan’s New Spokesman for Safe Sex

A penile celebrity's plea

Lil Dicky, the rapper, wants you to wrap your dick.

The YouTube-fueled star, whose raunchy humor helped catapult him to chart-topping hip-hop fame, anchors "The Big Talk," a new four-minute ad he created for Trojan and agency Colangelo to urge condom use.

In a bit that seems like a cross between Woody Allen and Seth Rogen, Dicky—nee David Burd—waxes neurotic about a friend who had unprotected sex in a bar bathroom.

It's a solid fit, thanks to Burd's past subject matter and teen audience. His first hit was "Ex-Boyfriend," a hand-wringing rap that includes a lengthy verse about being boggled by the size of a girlfriend's former lover's own member.

He's also no stranger to advertising. Dicky happens to be an alum of San Francisco agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners. He also recently licensed a song to Old Navy for this ad.

In the Trojan spot, there's no shortage of homage to the brand. It's not just a PSA. But Burd's deadpan wit defuses a serious topic—protection against STDs—while driving home the importance of the point, even as it plays on fear and stigma to move product.

In fact, his wry kicker might best sum up the light, self-deprecating tone of the whole piece: "It's so cool to be the guy who's the face of a condom." 

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