The lesser Doritos flavor must be destroyed


Frito-Lay Canada needs an ending for its new Doritos commercial. The scenario is already set—there are two new flavors, Onion Rings N’ Ketchup and Buffalo Wings N’ Ranch. But the disturbing, Tim Burton-y “Flavour Master” has ruled that only one may survive. It’s up to you, Canadian resident, to write how the other flavor will be destroyed. If you offer the best ending, you’ll receive $25,000 Canadian, they’ll shoot your scenario, give you 1 percent of future sales and literally destroy all remaining packages of the other flavor. BBDO Toronto created the campaign, and they expect a whole lot of entries. Just type your half-baked ending into the site, and hope you win. Frankly, that sort of effortless content submission suits my snacking lifestyle. And if you don’t want to enter, you still have to vote for the flavor you love or risk its demise. That’s right, you’re nothing more than a pawn on their snacking chessboard. Well played, Flavour Master, well played.