Lemonade Brand Tracks Down Lost Actress for Remake of ’70s Ad

Harriet Philpin found after long search

Way back in the 1970s, British lemonade brand R. White's made an ad in which a woman follows her husband down to the kitchen in the middle of the night and discovers he is a total dork. Oh, and that he's addicted to R. White's lemonade. This ad was recently remade to promote R. White's new lemonade popsicles, using the same actors from the first ad—Julian Chagrin and Harriet Philpin. It took some searching to find Harriet, though—she had moved to Ireland, and only found out about the project when her son saw an appeal for her whereabouts in a London paper. ("My son rang me up and said, 'You won't believe it mum, you're in the papers over here; R. White's has spent months searching for you,'" she said.) While I can't say I approve of Julian's ponytail, and phrases like "secret lemonade licker" suggest darker problems in that couple's relationship, it seems everyone involved with the new spot was having a ton of fun. And man, a lemonade popsicle would be really nice right about now. See both spots below.

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