Lee Clow Celebrates Media Arts Lab’s 10th Birthday by Getting His First Tattoo

Advertising icon gets a bear logo

In case Lee Clow's commitment to Apple's advertising weren't already clear enough, he's officially made it permanent.

A new video shows the industry icon getting inked by well-known tattoo artist Scott Campbell, to mark the 10th anniversary of TBWA\Media Arts Lab, the Omnicom agency's dedicated Apple wing.

The clip focuses first on the buildup to the tattoo—Clow's first ever—by capturing Campbell's tools and routine as he prepares for his victim. Then it cuts to the process itself. Campbell shaves a mysterious upper arm, stencils on a bear—a take on Media Arts Lab's logo—and puts the needle to work.

Naturally, viewers get a shot of Clow's flip-flops before we see his face. His only dialogue is "Beauty"—a response to the finished product, before offering a big, warm grin.

It's a fun little celebration, befitting the birthday of the single-brand shop, which was launched in 2006 by the man who had co-created such classics as Apple's "1984" and "The Crazy Ones" ads, not to mention his popular work for other marketers like Energizer.

In other words, there's little question that Clow, now in his 70s and chairman of Omnicom's TBWA Worldwide, has earned the right to do more or less whatever he wants. Plus, as tattoos go, his is pretty mild—and definitely a better choice than a half-eaten apple, or drum-beating bunny rabbit.