LeBron James Writes, Directs, Stars in Terrible Ad for Sheets Energy Strips

Is there anything this man can't do?

You remember Sheets Energy Strips, the classy brand with the catch phrase, "Take a sheet"? Well, they've finally realized that any caffeinated fool with an illegal copy of Final Cut Pro could create better marketing than they do, so they've decided to hold a crowdsourced contest to find their next commercial. Not only could your ad appear on national TV and in movie theaters, but it will also be judged by the smartest man in advertising today: LeBron James! LeBron is a co-founder of Sheets, and he even wrote and directed his very own video for the contest! (See below.) Who knew he was this multi-talented? I asked Brandon George, noted LeBron James expert and creator of InLeBronWeTrusted.com, what this was all about. "This kind of crowdsourcing campaign is exactly what happens when you entrust your personal brand to your best friends from back on the block," says George. "The product itself is interesting, but what does the consumer get out of the #SheetsContest? The right to have their creativity and hard work associated with a product sporting the mind-boggling tagline, 'Take a sheet.' Just how many more ways can LeBron find to 'sheet' on his image?" Good question, Brandon. I'm sure LeBron's self-image management will continue to astound us all.