Learn to drive your Ferrari in style

Having recently been stuck behind a student driver, I can attest that the vehicles used for training are most decidedly not of the performance variety. So, I guess it makes some sense that Ferrari is bringing its driving school to North America for people who want to have (to paraphrase another car maker’s line) “the ultimate driving experience” of their own. The school will give participants access to 12 Ferraris on a 1.2-mile open track. Entry fee: $8,200, which is chump change when it comes to a $150,000 car. (The school is supposedly open only to Ferrari owners, but company officials admit some lucky non-owners might get in.) There’s one catch, however. Schooling will happen at Le Circuit de Mt. Tremblant, about 90 miles outside of Montreal. OK, Canada, that’s one thing you now have over us (OK, two, if you count socialized healthcare).

—Posted by Aaron Baar