Lawsuit Claims Woman Was a Victim of Dexter’s Creepy Advertising

Fall blamed on 'shocking and menacing' stairwell ad

Dexter usually doesn't leave his victims alive, but this seems to be an exception.

Ajanaffy Njewadda claims in a lawsuit that she fell, broke her ankle and suffered a concussion last year after being frightened by Grand Central Terminal advertising for the final season of Showtime's crime series Dexter.

Njewadda claims in a Bronx Supreme Court filing that she was so scared by the "shocking and menacing" image of star Michael C. Hall—shown covered in cellophane, which his character often used to wrap his victims—that she tumbled down some stairs, sustaining her injuries. The ad covered the steps of a stairwell leading to the Grand Central shuttle train. The Manhattan Transportation Authority, Showtime and the City of New York are named in the suit.

Brand takeovers at the historic NYC railroad station have been all the rage in recent years. The latest touts the debut of TNT's apocalyptic The Last Ship, with menacing gas-mask imagery and huge signs screaming about "6 billion dead" in a global pandemic.

I'm surprised that no one filed suit against those Hammer Pants Dancers who invaded Grand Central and other locations a while back to hype the too-legit MC's short-lived reality show. Gold-lamé parachute slacks, '90s dance-floor moves—and the 5:15 to Stamford running 30 minutes late. Now, that sounds like a pretty compelling case of emotional distress.

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