The Latest in Agency Websites: A Simple Search Box

Darling Agency puts ball in your court

Darling Agency in New York goes minimal with its new website, which is just a search box. You can still get the requisite information, but instead of clicking on a link you have to type in stuff like "About," "Clients," "Work" and "Contact." Sometimes, typing in profanities and joke searches yields funny responses. For example, the search engine's response to "Sex" is "Sex is on our list of things we won't advertise. Here's the list: 1- Sex." That's strange, because I've always heard that sex sells. Clicking the copyright notice at the bottom of the page yields a standard site map, which I greatly prefer to the search box. It requires too much thought and too many keystrokes to be practical, since five seconds is an eternity on the Web and just one failed search makes me want to check out some other cutesy-named agency's site. Why make me type words to get links when you could just give me the links in the first place? I'm a prospective client and I'm asking you, Darling: Why? Ah well, what do I know anyway? Modernista! went the minimalist route a while back and things turned out just fine. Didn't they?