L.A. Agency Shines a Light on Former Gang Members Trying to Make Peace

Omelet seeks funding to wrap documentary

Spend a broiling hot summer on the streets of South Central L.A., a time grimly known to locals as "the killing season," to document some former gang bangers who now try to make peace? That's the idea behind LTO: License to Operate, a documentary from Culver City, Calif.-based ad and marketing agency Omelet and production partner Foundation Content. The project, now in Kickstarter mode to raise money for postproduction and music, started when Omelet, Foundation and director James Lipetzky shot a promotional video for nonprofit group A Better LA. Deciding there was a larger story to tell about former gang leaders working to stop violence and rebuild communities, Omelet and private investors ponied up money to get a full-length film off the ground. Omelet, an indie shop whose clients include blue-chippers like AT&T, Microsoft and Sony, wanted to shed light on inner-city gang crime and the dent that can be made when former gang members turn into peace ambassadors. They plan to finish the movie by October, with distribution still to be determined and the $50,000 Kickstarter goal still to be reached.


Omelet Producers and Creative Leads:

President, Chief Content Officer: Steven Amato

EVP Content and Development: Mike Wallen

Chairman, CEO, Executive Producer: Don Kurz

Foundation Content Credits

Executive Producer: Samantha Hart

Director: James Lipetzky

Associate Producers: Stacy Paris, Matthew Goodhue