Kraft nukes everything but the Easy Mac

Kraft is tapping a primal urge that every young American male has felt at some point: the desire to microwave things that should not be microwaved. The food company and DraftFCB have unveiled the Easy Mac Micro Maniac, a Web site of videos showing household items getting a solid roasting in a microwave. The site is reminiscent of the Will It Blend? videos, but here there’s the added drama of waiting for an explosion rather than simply watching an immediate crushing. The Christmas lights, in particular, look quite pretty after just a few seconds on high. The foam football, disappointingly, merely sags and smokes. No animals were hurt in the making of this campaign, but the site still wisely advises, “Do not attempt.” It’s all part of DraftFCB’s University of St. Arvin (aka U-Starvin) campaign for Kraft. [Photo: JMV]

—Posted by Tim Nudd