Kraft, CP+B unveil the mac-and-cheese cam

All hope is not lost for the much-despised banner ad (aka, the place creativity goes to die). Kraft is running a banner unit on Yahoo!'s homepage that lets users activate their webcams and control a Mac & Cheese noodle based on their smiles. See a video of the banner in action after the jump. It's a neat trick, if a bit buggy by reports. (In an effort to keep me off Chatroulette, Adweek hasn't provided me with a webcam at the office, so I wasn't able to try it firsthand.) Crispin Porter + Bogusky is behind the effort. Interactive ecd Jeff Benjamin lowers expectations in a tweet, warning it might not work if you're tan, have a beard or work in a cave. CP+B is into webcams and facial recognition. It ran a Burger King campaign that had users hold up a dollar to see what menu items it could buy. The agency also tapped facial-recognition technology in a push for Coke Zero that purported to find your Facebook doppelganger. That effort launched last December and has since shut down. Thanks to @stephenriley for the video.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey