Kodak effort helps underappreciated moms

Ah, Mother's Day. The time of year when we thank our mothers for birthing and subsequently raising us by applying googly eyes to popsicle sticks or buying the flower arrangement that's on special. It's no wonder some moms feel a little underappreciated. Well, Kodak feels their pain and is offering to pick up the slack with a campaign by Ogilvy New York that raises awareness about the serious condition known as Lackus Appreciatus. They even scored Florence Henderson of Brady Bunch fame to narrate the little Mom-a-Thon announcement video above. The Mom-a-Thon Million Card Giveaway is, you guessed it, giving away a million free photo cards to site visitors so they can show their appreciation for their moms. Though the campaign has hardly gone viral, with only 30,000 views, it's a fairly interesting way to advertise those ugly little photo cards, and they do kind of look like the pitiful art projects I'd drag home from school every year. Kodak's last attempt to sell its photo-gallery merch was Make Me Super, an Elf Yourself remix that was fun but not nearly so timely and useful as this. Head over to the Kodak Gallery to get your free card, but be warned: You have to pay for shipping.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers