Kmart Turns ‘Yo Mama’ Into a Compliment

Whose mama got the best stuff on layaway?

Draftfcb stages a spirited, brand-centric schoolyard game of "Yo Mama" to tout Kmart's free back-to-school layaway plan in this new commercial. "Yo mama get that hoodie at Kmart?" "Yeah, dawg." "Well, yo mama must have cavities, 'cuz that hoodie is sweeeeeeeet!" "Oh yeah, well, yo mama's like a tasty cheese plate, 'cuz she saved a bunch of cheddar on them Kmart jeans!" Etc. Some commenters claim the spot perpetuates stereotypes, or else they object to the street slang. I don't think this ad merits that level of sociological scrutiny. Unlike Kmart's previous silly spots, "Ship My Pants" and "Big Gas Savings," this new effort doesn't seem destined to generate millions of YouTube views. (It's topped 80,000 in its first week.) Still, the kids earn high marks for their enormous energy and over-the-top line deliveries. They elevate material that might have flunked out otherwise. "Ship My Pants." Ha! That never gets old!

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