Kirstie Alley has had her fill of Jenny Craig

You can only be a weight-loss spokesperson for so long—at some point, you’ve lost the weight, and keeping it off becomes the best-case scenario. Thus it is for Kirstie Alley, who has officially left her job as a big loser for Jenny Craig, according to People magazine. Kirstie had a nice run, but the writing was on the wall ever since J.C. signed the much cooler Valerie Bertinelli. The company’s vp of marketing, Scott Parker, tells People: “Now that Kirstie has ‘passed her maintenance baton’ to Valerie, you’ll see a new campaign with a new celebrity client emerge, in 2008 … one that promotes health with Queen Latifah.” Parker does not address in any way the National Enquirer’s theory about why Alley was let go. Nor does he explain what on earth a “maintenance baton” is. UPDATE: Alley has announced she will launch her own weight-loss brand in 2009.

—Posted by Tim Nudd