Kids, prepare thyselves for ‘Godcasts’

It seems like everyone is podcasting these days. Six months ago, Paris Hilton’s recording one merited mention. Nowadays, it’s hard to find someone who’s not doing it. And that includes the religiously minded. will get your minister up and running for $20 a month. Now, the Carmelite nuns are getting into the act. Starting Monday, the Sisters, who mind you are cloistered in their Indianapolis convent, are hitting iTunes with what their ad agency, Young & Laramore, is calling “Godcasts.” (The Carmelites have an ad agency. God help us all.) They’ll explore issues like what it’s like to live a contemplative life and engage in their trademark media criticism. As a Y&L rep helpfully puts it, “The voices of the Carmelites would otherwise by extremely difficult to come by, as their cloistered lifestyle prevents them from leaving the convent.” Steve Jobs truly is doing the Lord’s work.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey