Kids hurt in cash-drop promotion: just another day in minor-league baseball

Marketing people who work in minor-league baseball enjoy smoking lots of crack, judging by some of the promotions they come up with. The Portland (Ore.) Beavers celebrated the Enron scandal with “Arthur Andersen Appreciation Night” (anyone named Arthur or Andersen got in free, and there was complimentary paper shredding). The Mahoning Valley Scrappers of Niles, Ohio, once held “Jim Traficant Night” in honor of the discraced Ohio congressman (anyone sporting a toupee got in free). And the River City Rascals of St. Louis planned (though never ended up hosting, due to complaints) an O.J. Simpson-inspired “Sports Criminals Night.” Today we hear about another harebrained promotion, one that ended badly over the weekend—the West Michigan Whitecaps dropped $1,000 from a helicopter and had kids on the field scramble for the money. Predictably, one 7-year-old boy ended up in hospital after being trampled. Team officials don’t even sound fazed. Says one coolly: “It’s for fun and games. This is why we have everybody sign a waiver.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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