Kids Doubt Climate Change in Bogusky's Latest Green Spot

A response to Heartland Institute's school plans

Last fall, former Crispin Porter + Bogusky star Alex Bogusky oversaw "Denial Hits the Fan," a campaign for Al Gore's Climate Reality Project in which denial looked a lot like a certain smelly brown substance. Now, Bogusky and creative shop m ss ng p eces are out with a new ad that, despite its more serious tone, offers more or less the same message: Climate-change skeptics are spewing nonsense. The spot adds to the recent hullabaloo over conservative think tank Heartland Institute's plans to sow doubt about global warming in school curriculums. Meanwhile, the vigilante environmental scientist who leaked those plans this month as part of an off-the-reservation sting operation has now become the star of "FakeGate," a new Heartland campaign aimed at demonstrating that committing fraud to steal and distribute confidential documents is bad. Take notes, kids.