KFC to ‘Double Down’ on college girls’ butts

If you're a cash-strapped college woman who wouldn't mind having the words "Double Down" written across your buttocks, here's good news: KFC might have a job for you. The chicken chain says it hopes to use assvertising to "tempt fellow students" into trying the fried-meat monstrosity that only a frat boy or freshman could love. "On select college campuses," the press release says, "female undergraduates will sport KFC Double Down branded sweatpants to encourage students to try the unique bun-less sandwich." The gig pays $500, in case that helps you swallow your pride like a pile of greasy hen flesh. The promotion kicked off this week in Louisville, Ky., and will soon hit three more campuses. You're asked to apply on the KFC Facebook page, presumably through a wall post. That's probably the first weeding-out process for applicants: If you're too ashamed to show your interest in a public forum like Facebook, you're probably not a good fit for the Double Down butt brigade.

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