Kenzo’s Lovely New Video Wonders What One’s Hands Say About a Person

Like Kenzo Takada, for instance


“The hand is where the mind meets the world.”

This quiet, compelling phrase unspools the narrative of Kenzo’s “Hands.”

Created by Buenos Aires-based directors collective 1985, and part of a partnership between Kenzo and Nowness, the video builds on that thesis by describing how much your hands convey.

There’s a sense and a poetry here that left us gazing into our own hands for nearly a minute. Like the rings of a tree, they can reveal your age, and whether you are patient, kind, funny, gentle or—as the expression goes—heavy-handed.

And of course, palm readers believe the hands even contain your destiny.

“Hands” is actually a quirky portrait of designer Kenzo Takada, the brand’s Japanese-French founder. The disarming approach relays details about Takada’s spirit and character, even as it teaches us something about ourselves.

“We believe hands can tell you a lot about a person, because hands do not have a social construction,” 1985 tells Nowness. “They’re the same when we are with people and when we are alone.”

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