Kenneth Cole Clarifies: Being a Jerk on Twitter Is Just Good Business

'On what criteria is this a gaffe?'

Whatever he was wearing yesterday—boots, loafers, sandals, pumps—Kenneth Cole appeared to really step in it when he tweeted out an awkward reference to the Syrian crisis as a way of promoting his footwear. It wasn't the first embarrassing tweet for the pun-loving would-be copywriter. In 2011, he famously suggested that protesters in Egypt were simply all riled up about his spring collection. It seemed quite odd that Cole—who writes the @KennethCole account personally—would have misfired in precisely the same way purely by accident. And that's because it wasn't an accident. In the upcoming October issue of Details, on newsstands Sept. 19, Cole speaks about the infamous Egypt tweet, and makes it clear that he's really not sorry about it whatsoever.