Ken Jeong, Beautiful Women, and Disco: A Formula for Saving Lives

Comedian and actor Ken Jeong (who also holds a medical degree from UNC!) shakes his booty and explains how "Hands-Only CPR" saves lives in Gotham's disco-thumpin' PSA for the American Heart Association. A middle-aged dude suffers a heart attack during a game of charades, and two hotties show up to call 911 and push hard on his chest until help arrives. This maneuver, we're told, can be done to the beat of the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive," a point driven home by Jeong's goofy appearance in a John Travolta-esque Saturday Night Fever outfit. The victim soon revives, and everybody boogies. The wacky approach and serious message blend seamlessly in a spot that clearly has its heart—and hands—in the right place. Via Osocio.