Keith Urban, Ellen DeGeneres in Spoof Ad for His New Fragrance

Lots of licking, munching on ice

Country crooner Keith Urban is launching his own cologne. And if that's not funny enough, he and chat queen Ellen DeGeneres did a parody ad for it. Urban's fragrance, which reeks of "woody oriental," whatever that is, is named Phoenix—after the tattoo on his shoulder, not the city in Arizona. But for the fake commercial, there are references to the ultra-conservative desert town. Maybe that's why Ellen is so intent on dousing Urban with water and ice. For anyone who didn't know Urban had a sense of humor—and wouldn't that be all of us?—the spot is awesome. His horrified facial expressions in response to Ellen's tongue bath are pretty priceless. The ad ran Wednesday on Ellen's talk show and has since become popular online, putting her at the top of Yahoo's trending list. Think it'll move product? It's just $35, and Christmas is coming! Video of outtakes after the jump.