Keep her happy in bed. Stop your snoring.

"Move over, Viagra. The real answer to what women want most in bed isn't a better lover but a night without snoring!" That's the beginning of an e-mail pitch from a company called SnoreStop, which is taking its message to the streets in a snazzy new "Bedmobile," featuring a pajama-clad model lounging in a flatbed truck fitted with sheets and pillows. Hey, what if the Bedmobile collides with the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile? That could violate standards of public decency. Here's a quote from SnoreStop's CEO: "Billions of dollars are spent every year on pills and techniques designed to make women happy in bed when all they really want is a night of sound sleep." Wait—what pills, what techniques?! Don't leave me in the dark here!

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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