Katy Perry Gives WhatsApp a Starring Role in Her New Video, Free of Charge

She's apparently just a fan of the messaging service

Ever wonder exactly which messaging service Katy Perry uses to chat about being a champion while she’s taking a dump? Well, mystery solved: It’s WhatsApp. In just a few days, millions have already watched the lyric video for Perry’s new single, "Roar," which is told through a rapid-fire group chat on Perry’s iPhone. The video’s popularity, while no real surprise, has definitely been an unexpected boost for WhatsApp, the mobile messaging service that’s featured throughout the video—despite not paying Perry a dime for the endorsement. According to Forbes, a WhatsApp spokesman confirmed the company’s app was definitely the one used in the video, but he said it was not part of any paid arrangement. Perry is reportedly a fan of the app and uses it to stay in touch with her entourage, so this concept might have been drawn from real life. Which makes it pretty entertaining to watch the video with the sound off and imagine what an incredibly strange and arguably psychotic conversation this would actually be.