Kate Moss Can't Even Afford to Buy Clothes Anymore

Here's a clip of supermodel Kate Moss and fashion photographer Terry Richardson robbing a Mango clothing store in Paris. They're both wearing Terry Richardson masks. I wish this was sensational news footage of a coked-up Kate-tastrophe, but it's just a commercial that Richardson directed for the brand. The pair flees in a van, and Kate tries on the stolen threads. Richardson's sideburns are extremely distracting. Kate's bunny children are nowhere to be seen. Near the end, lots of people wearing Richardson masks step out of an elevator. The clip fits the world of high fashion like Mango clothes fit an emaciated runway model—providing a gaudy outer layer to obscure the lack of substance within. By hiding the actors' faces behind masks of himself—even going so far as to cover up the world-famous Kate Moss—Richardson almost seems to be making an artistic statement about the photographer as auteur and subversively expressing his views on who really holds the power in the business. But he's probably just a geeky egomaniac who needs a shave. Photo via.