JWT curls up on the couch with ‘Mad Men’

What to make of JWT’s decision to advertise itself via a brand spot on the upcoming Mad Men season-one DVD set? The shop apparently spells out the words “Mad Men” with letters and logos from its client roster. “Making brands famous since 1864” is the tagline. Sterling Cooper, the booze-and-sex-driven swingin’ Kennedy-era shop on the show, would’ve opted for “Making brands famous since 1864, baby!” (And made the exclamation point out of a cigarette, naturally.) “This is an opportunity for us to leverage our brand, baby!” said JWT global CEO Bob Jeffrey, though I tweaked his actual quote to add some pizzazz. Chris Vollmer of Booz Allen more or less told Brandweek: “JWT must feel that there is a big portion of the [ad] industry watching this, baby!” I’ve discovered Mad Men’s secret. This stuff writes itself.

—Posted by David Gianatasio