Just what we need: videos on our blimps

Lightship We’ve always enjoyed blimps, mostly because they don’t seem to fly so much as lurk. (There was a great photo a few years back, which we can’t find right now, of Pepsi’s Aquafina blimp floating above Coca-Cola’s Atlanta headquarters, silently taunting the Coke employees below.) Now, Adland points to a frightening development in blimp technology: the A-170 Video Lightsign Airship from The Lightship Group. As if displaying a giant static logo weren’t enough, this thing has a gigantic video screen that can play commercials. The ads will have to be silent, though—there is no ear-splitting audio system on this beast, at least not yet. It also doesn’t airdrop batches of fliers, but perhaps that’s in development, too.

—Posted by Tim Nudd