‘Jumper’ viral wreaks havoc on sports site

In the style of HEMA’s much-loved “wait for it” products page comes the new viral promotion for Jumper, a movie about a guy who can teleport. The result is an interesting example of an ad interacting with content, even if it is fake content plastered over a real Australian sports site. What’s really impressive is that this viral concept actually offers a more succinct explanation of the movie’s plot than does the overly blunt trailer, which you’ll see at the end of the animation. I mean, does every trailer voiceover have to spell out the situation for you? “In a world where some people can teleport, guys are always chasing them with grappling hooks.” Sure, I’m paraphrasing, but with a plot like that, you should really just err on the side of mystique. Hat tip to Twitter’s jg_howard. UPDATE: American Copywriter points out a video execution from the
campaign, this time with Hayden Christensen jumping into an HP spot
featuring Serena Williams. The result is a loooong 90 seconds. Read the
backstory here

—Posted by David Griner