Jon Bond gives TV-ads-for-dummies lesson

Who wants a TV spot? Jon Bond of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners is here to help you with a how-to spot he shot for Google aimed at small businesses that are itching to get their own spiffy TV spot. The video is meant to draw those businesses into Google TV Ads, the company's effort to make a dent in the TV market with targeted spots. Bond, described in the clip simply as "famous ad man," helpfully breaks down the commercial process into "five easy steps." The video runs through the basics of figuring out the target audience, differentiators, brand personality, calls to action and the ins and outs of actually shooting. Bond dons sunglasses with the backdrop of the Hollywood sign to address creative matters. It's interesting to see that Madison Avenue isn't as scared of Google as it was a couple of years ago, when Ogilvy's Andy Berndt defected there. Bond's infomercial is a nice primer for the tens of thousands of businesses that don't advertise on TV but probably could without breaking the bank. I only hope it leads to more awesome local TV spots like the "Ooh girl" Carmel car-service ladies.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey