Join the Austrian army, be chased by chicks

While the U.S. Army promotes its soldiers as disciplined ass-kickers, the Austrian army sells itself around the prospect of scooping up some high-class tail. At least, that was the thrust of this recruitment ad, which got pulled after feminist groups deemed it "sexist." Hard to argue, given that a) the bird's-eye cleavage shots weren't necessary, and b) the guys in the tank made those girls chase after them instead of giving them a lift. Chivalry is dead. The Austrian army's marketing department insists the ad is "so dorky, it's brilliant," but replaced it anyway with a less offensive spot in which a soldier rushes to make a date with a sexy lady. We understand they're trying to spur enlistment here, but maybe they should take a cue from us and show young men things they will actually do as soldiers. What happens on leave is best left to their imaginations, anyway. UPDATE: Looks like this ad is a shot-for-shot remake of this Ukrainian army spot. Neither, however, is as great as this Russian army promo.

—Posted by David Kiefaber