Joe Wilson spot celebrates his unsilentness

A new campaign ad from South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson of "You lie!" fame (posted below) skirts around his famous Obama outburst by having regular citizens talk about what a passionate, task-oriented guy he is. The line, "He's stood up when most people have been silent," is getting some attention, but it could apply to more situations than interrupting the president. Wilson's insistence that Essie Mae Washington-Williams wasn't Strom Thurmond's out-of-wedlock daughter, and his follow-up that her revelation was a "smear" on Strom's legacy, is always a fun example. Or the time he basically called fellow Rep. Bob Filner anti-American for saying the U.S. provided chemical weapons to Iraq during its spat with Iran. Maybe the reason most people have been silent is because they think before they talk.

—Posted by David Kiefaber