‘Jobless Paddy’ Spends Life Savings on Billboard Plea in Dublin

Will the luck of the Irish favor a 26-year-old unemployed marketing grad who's branded himself "Jobless Paddy" and reward him with a proverbial pot o' gold? Or with gainful employment, at least? Feilim Mac An Iomaire is generating international media buzz after shelling out €2,000 for a huge billboard on a busy Dublin thoroughfare. The ad shows him standing on a pier with a suitcase, with images of New York, London, Toronto, and Sydney looming in the distance. His message: "Save me from emigration." What does the dude expect? This is Ireland, where nobody ever gets a job. Ireland's unemployment rate is approximately 14.5 percent, a figure that's significantly worse than the other countries alluded to in the ad. So maybe he should swallow his national pride and emigrate. How about Canada? Hmm, nah. Who'd have thought folks in Ireland would have trouble coming up with the green?