Jimmy Dean’s 11-Hour ‘Sausage Yule Log’ Will Keep You Sizzling Hot This Holiday

Hang your stockings over YouTube

At Jimmy Dean, nothing says Christmas like plump, juicy sausage sizzling on an open fire. For 11 freakin' hours.

Thankfully it's just a holiday video, "Sausage Yule Log," from Ogilvy & Mather in Chicago, so there won't be any hot grease nipping at your nose.

Some highlights of the meaty merriment include: 

– Close-up and overhead shots of the browning morsels!

– Variations on the festive mantle decor!

– Gifts appearing beneath the tree!

– A nutcracker!

– The chance to retrieve a clickable coupon for some fully cooked festive fare of your own!

– Nick Offerman, dressed as "Sexy Santa," devouring the sausages and, still hungry, frying up another batch!

We hallucinated that last one. We think. Eleven hours … who knows what they slipped in with the dicing and spicing?

Anyway, you'll find the clip crackling on Jimmy Dean's YouTube channel, powered by online advertising support and sponsored Twitter and Facebook posts.

While it's less compelling than Offerman's Lagavulin log jam, we'd be downright Grinchly to pan this whimsical attempt at adding a new link—several, actually—to a time-honored holiday tradition.

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