JetBlue has gift ideas for non-JetBlue fliers


Traditional agencies are far more likely to messenger me things than digital shops are. Maybe it's the bigger budgets, or the belief in old-school delivery channels. It also helps if you're off an account and don't care about the courier fees. JWT sent over a new six-page glossy fake holiday catalog it made for JetBlue, filled with products it supposedly created to help you cope with flying on other airlines. The 14 products include leather in a jar, for those uncomfortable cloth seats; a knee-jockey apparatus, to make up for the lack of legroom; depth goggles (above), to make the seat in front of you seem father away; and the Yumbro robot, to dispense snacks you won't be given for free. The catalog is also on the JetBlue Facebook page. If you try to buy a product, the page tells you it's out of stock due to high demand and gives you the option of going to instead.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey