Jeff Goodby Sings About Agency’s New App, Which Lets You Reach Out and Touch Someone Virtually

Good vibrations

The techies at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners' GSP BETA Group have whipped up a new app, which the agency is now promoting in decidedly offbeat fashion. The app is called Touch Room, and it's designed to help you not just see and hear but touch your loved ones from afar. The concept is simple: You both enter a virtual room, and when your fingers touch the same spot, your phones vibrate. It's a sweetly quirky idea that deserves some sweetly quirky advertising—provided in the video below by Jeff Goodby himself, who sings, in a warbly voice, an original song he wrote about the app while strumming an acoustic guitar. As for the visuals, well, it seems Touch Room will be particularly useful for people with freakishly long, extendable, ET-like fingers. GSP BETA Group is an in-house group of developers, UX specialists, producers, creatives and other makers that use technology to find creative solutions to problems. Download the app here. Credits below.


Ad Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners' BETA Group

Campaign: Touch Room

Live Date: Aug. 27, 2013

Music, Lyrics: Jeff Goodby

Chief Digital Officer: Kalle Hellzen

Creative Developer: Chris Allick

Art Director: Pablo Rochat

Copywriter: Caroline Cappelli

Director of Interactive Production: Ellie Hardy

Group Executive Interactive Producer: Michael Phillips

Director of Business Affairs: Bess Cocke

Senior Business Affairs Manager: Judy Ybarra

Business Affairs Manager: Heidi Killeen

Co-Director of eLevel: James Horner

Shot By: Marco Svizzero, Alvin Shen, Juli Lopez

Postproduction Producer: Ava Rant

Editor: Marco Svizzero

Audio Engineer: Nic DeMatteo

Video Creative Direction: Stevie Laux

Director of Art, Print Production: Suzee Barrabee

Copyediting Director: Ryan McDermott

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