Jeans-lifting Levi’s spot swings both ways

It’s hard to miss that Levi’s TV spot where the guy pulls his pants up and demolishes the world around him. It’s a well-done commercial with a good mix of ambiance and digital effects. But what I didn’t know until today is that this ad plays out completely differently on the gay- and lesbian-themed Logo cable channel. In the version airing there, our pant-pulling protagonist summons a guy through the floorboards instead of a woman. It’s great to see this nod to inclusion by the folks at Levi’s, who surely understand the profit potential. I’ll stop short of saying they’re really pushing the envelope until I see the gay version pop up during the break on Law & Order. Apparently they are planning to expand the spot to more stations, but they’ll probably just cop out and put it on Bravo.

—Posted by David Griner