JCPenney back in the doghouse once again

JCPenney had some success last year with its Beware of the Doghouse holiday campaign. Yes, the Web site got millions of views. But I knew it had broken through when my father-in-law sent me the link, along with the message, "Too FUNNY!!!" So, naturally, Penney and Saatchi & Saatchi are back with an encore: Return to the Doghouse. The clip below is basically a replay of last year's video, featuring guys who've bought their wives and girlfriends crappy, insulting gifts (vacuum cleaners, gym memberships, etc.) and so they get thrown in the doghouse, which leads to an underground tunnel where they have to fold laundry and face all-female tribunals for parole hearings. Same setting, same actors, even some of the exact same jokes—and it will probably get the same impressive amount of traffic.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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