Japan Is Selling Zoo Jeans, Fashionably Ripped by Lions, Tigers and Bears

Charity project is pretty wild

Fashion designers can be temperamental beasts, but this is ridiculous.

Supporters seeking to raise funds to renovate the Kamine Zoo in Hitachi, Japan, have launched a brand billed as "the only jeans on earth designed by dangerous animals." Sheets of material are attached to tires and big rubber balls that are tossed into enclosures with lions, tigers and bears, which use their teeth and claws to give a whole new meaning to the phrase "distressed denim." That torn, chewed-up fabric is then used to create fashionably tattered Zoo Jeans.

Mithun Romandani, a men's buyer at swanky London department store Selfridges, told The Guardian that he was unimpressed with the results because "the rips are too sporadic" and they "don't look natural." Hey dude, tell that to the lions. (I wouldn't be so quick to give a bad review to an artiste that can sever your spine with a single chomp.)

Check out the video below, with the gnawing and the clawing and such. It's got more bite than Levi's new campaign, that's for sure.

Via (appropriately enough) Devour.

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