Jane Lynch Wrote and Stars in These Pleasantly Goofy Ads for Coconut Water

The absurdity of Vita Coco

Jane swing through jungle on vine. Where Tarzan?

Jane Lynch, so awesome as the cheerleading coach on Glee, wrote and stars in a new series of ads for Vita Coco coconut water. "Stupidly simple" is the tagline, and that pretty much describes her shenanigans in the campaign.

Along with vining on a cheesy rain forest set, Lynch tries to sneak coconuts through airport security (she really milks it), disrupts a marathon (guess why the runners stumble) and takes the stand at a trial (how she escapes the death penalty for perpetrating such silliness, I'll never know). In the best bit, she struggles to fit a coconut in her car's clearly inadequate cup holder. (C'mon, just one more try should do it …)

Oh, and some Hawaiian-shirted dude named Eduardo keeps handing Lynch sippy-boxes of Vita Coco. At one point, he brandishes a machete, and in the cup holder spot, pops up in the backseat of her car. (Run, Jane, run!)

Cannes won't be calling, but Lynch's self-aware, deadpan approach is spot-on, and the ads are, perhaps, just different enough to break through.

The only thing missing is a coconut slushie to the face. Add that to your playbook for next time, coach!


Client: Vita Coco

Production Company: VICE

Director: Johnny Milord

Postproduction: Heresy

Editor: Justin Fong

Executive Producer, Postproduction: Maureen Dowd

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