Jack White Floats His New Song Away on 1,000 Helium Balloons

Atmospheric distribution model

It's the new thing these days—floating your new media creation away on a balloon. In February, EA and Bioware sent copies of Mass Effect 3 into near space via weather balloons, some of which floated back down to Earth and into fans' hands. Now, Jack White and his label, Third Man Records, have done something similar. Earlier this month, the label attached flexi-disc records containing the new album track "Freedom at 21" to 1,000 helium balloons—and released them into the great blue yonder from its headquarters in Nashville. Custom postcards were also attached with instructions for the finders to submit photos, the discovery location and the date on which the record was found. Third Man has a map here showing the results so far. Somewhat humorously, a family in Coker, Ala., seems to have found a whole load of the balloons in a tree on their property—they must have gotten tangled together. (As the Bioware stunt proved, finding these things in trees is a common occurrence.) Thankfully, the Third Man balloons are biodegradable latex with all-natural twine tying them up. Anyway, kind of a cool stunt. Shame this kind of thing wasn't around when "99 Luftballons" first came out. Via The Denver Egotist.

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