Jack in the Box mascot lives, still a big tool

The Jack in the Box mascot's brush with death (he was run over by a bus during a regionally aired Super Bowl spot and has languished in a coma ever since) apparently hasn't broadened his perspective much. According to a press release today, "The Hang In There Jack campaign … is coming to an end this week as Jack wakes from his coma and announces several brand re-invention programs, including a new logo and website." Working on a rebranding initiative always helps trauma victims get over a catastrophic accident and a month on life support. Jack in the Box CMO Terri Graham continues the e-mail's awkward attempt to reconcile the campaign's fake almost-death with the restaurant's corporate evolution, saying: "It's great to have Jack back as we continue to invest in a brand-reinvention strategy that provides our guests the best quick-serve dining experience possible." See the new logo here. ("The swooping tail of the 'k' in 'Jack' mimick[s] the large, red smile of the chain's icon.") The new site debuts in a few days.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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