Jack Black’s ‘Nacho Libre’ confessionals

If Jack Black is starring in your movie, follow him around on the set for a couple of days with a handheld camera, and you’re guaranteed all the DVD extras you could want. Paramount, though, isn’t waiting for the DVD—it’s using a bunch of so-called Jack Black “confessionals,” recorded during the filming of Nacho Libre, as part of the buildup ad campaign for the movie. Beginning March 15 (this coming Wednesday), Paramount will roll out a total of 20 videos on iTunes—two each day for 10 days—that show Black cavorting, misbehaving and wisecracking on set. They’re even teasing the teasers via this Real Player trailer. Hopefully Tenacious D will play a few songs on one of these videos, who knows. Moviegoers of a certain stripe have high hopes for Nacho Libre. Check out the full trailer here. The comedy is written by Mike White and directed by Jared Hess, who made Napoleon Dynamite. According to the official site, Black stars as Ignacio (friends call him “Nacho”), a Mexican priest who moonlights as a lucha libre wrestler to raise money for his orphanage. Link via Cinematical.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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