iWon trades Tony Danza for Montel Williams

What to do when Tony Danza is unavailable? Sweepstakes portal iWon, which gives away cash to get people to use its site, turned to The Montel Williams Show to award its annual $1 million prize this month. Last year, Tony did the honors, but The Tony Danza Show shockingly and inexplicably got cancelled. So, iWon parent company IAC turned to Montel to “surprise” one Bonnie Urick with a big check and sizable tax bill. (Montel did the surprising by shouting, “Girlfriend … you’re going home with one million dollars! One million dollars from iWon.com!”) Urick, an accountant in Decatur, Ind., has sensible plans for her new iLoot: buy a new car and “invest in the future.” Perhaps next year iWon can try to get Sally Jesse Raphaël.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey