Ivory Soap Gets a Bold New Look and Attitude

W+K refreshes the 132-year-old brand

After 132 years, Ivory soap is getting a makeover. A new marketing campaign from Wieden + Kennedy (and updated product packaging from Sterling) are planned for this month, with the target demo being modern moms who are complex yet driven by simplicity. That's not the only paradox. W+K creative director Karl Lieberman says: "The inspiration for this campaign came from the observation of how, over the years, in an effort to make life simpler, we have somehow made life more complicated. Unlike a lot of other brands, Ivory has stayed true to its equity. It has remained the antithesis of the overly complicated—from its ingredients, packaging and advertising—it's a throwback to an era where there wasn't time for such things. And that's what makes its new voice so refreshing." So, a brand that has gone more or less unchanged for a century is being rebranded as a throwback? Hmm. A brand that has always stayed true to its equity is now changing its whole look? Hmm. Anyway, the TV, print and online ads will feature "Ivoryisms," described as "refreshingly honest product truths." The lines include "When dirt changes its formula so will we." The marketing formula doesn't count. More new work after the jump.