It’s on! Or is it? First attack ads prove lame.

Yes! Finally! After months of sideline sniping and passive aggression, the showdown between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has devolved into everyone’s favorite 30-second bloodsport: attack ads! It was with a carnivorous zeal that I clicked to watch the first volley, fired across the Wisconsin airwaves by Clinton after Obama’s recent primary sweep. Would she bust out a classic smear like “Wrong for America!” or “What else is he hiding?” No, sadly it’s just some inside baseball about him skipping a debate. Then he responded with something along the lines of “Whatever.” Just when I was about to pass out from boredom, Clinton shot back, accusing Obama of resorting to attack ads. Now that’s the kind of irony and revisionist history that’s going to make for some great mudslinging! I’ll give bonus points to the first candidate who gets carried away and calls the other one a “liberal nobody’s-senator-at-all.”

—Posted by David Griner