It’s official: you can call people chuckleheads

Next time you label someone a chucklehead, you’ll be happy to know it’s legit. The word, that is, not insulting people. "Chucklehead" joins 349 other ways to insult people in the new edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English, according to this Reuters story. In case it wasn’t already clear, that statistic underscores that we live in a combative society—there are only one-tenth as many words with which to compliment someone in the dictionary. Other new insults include "muppet" and "potty-mouthed."  Other additions include "cockapoo,"  a mix between a cocker spaniel and a poodle and "hoover," which means eating something quickly and we believe is derived from the vacuum cleaner brand of the same name. 

—Posted by Lisa van der Pool